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Contents of the kit:
2 × sensor + 2 × Ankle mount for the sensor + Instruction manual

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By pre-ordering you agree to our terms. is the ultimate wearable and app for martial artists came to be from a need to know more about our training. We wanted to know the speed of our kicks, and see the effect our training has to our kicking metrics. Imagine being able to train smarter and more effective, while also having a bit more fun with your fellow Taekwondoin. is the ultimate wearable for Martial artists, that has cutting edge sensor technology at its core. No more second guessing and gut feeling, prepare to become the quantified Taekwondoin.
See what the fuzz is all about!

Simulated trainings

To get you started fast, we created simulations that feel instantly familiar and are easy to pick up. Reaction simulations, burst simulations, kicking against time or reacting to different simulations with different kicks. We got it all and are constantly developing new ones for you to have for free.
After you are done with your session, you will get instant feedback of your training. Depending on the simulation, you will see hits, misses, velocity, reaction etc. from easy to understand figures. Share or play again to beat those stats. You'll get faster and stronger in no time.

Leaderboards & challenges

Do you feel like a friendly one on one? Challenge any other kicker from commnunity to a game of speed or reaction. See how you rank against the very best in our leaderboards. Time to see who's who once and for all.
The more you kick, the more our revolutionary algorithm learns from your trainings. We find your strengths and weaknesses and create a unique training feed for you to train smarter and develop faster.

Smart training

Smart training
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Meet the team

We are a team of experienced designers, marketers, and innovators on a mission to give you the competitive edge on your game.
Jan-Eric Wargelin
Juho Ranta
Sports Expert
Lauri Kainulainen
Senior Developer
Otso Lindfors
Product Design, Business
Juho Hautala
Senior Developer
Tommi Perälä
Projects, Business

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