Our story so far

Why we quit our dayjobs and started chasing the dream
"This one’s for you and your sparring partner chasing the Olympic dream. This is also for you and your dad, kicking away in your garage and having a laugh together."

— Jan-Eric Wargelin

It should come as a no surprise to anyone, that quitting your day job and steady income is always a risk at some level, and when there’s family and mortgage in the equation the stakes will skyrocket to the next level.

Still here we are, going big for the dream and even with all the pressure involved we could not be happier. When thinking about the first post, I felt that this is a story I needed to tell. Personal it may be, but that’s our way to get things done anyways.


1. There’s the burning need that won’t lay still for starters.

As a Martial Artist I’m all too familiar with this feeling. It was there when I missed a class. It was there when I had doubts about my training. The need to do more, the need to overcome the barriers and become the best version I could possibly be. That very same feeling drives us not only in training, but also in every small and big decision we make. In a way, it was really a no brainer to start pursuing the dream of bringing something new and dearly needed to the Martial Arts family. We thrive for greatness, not for ourselves but for the people around us.



2. Pursuing my own Martial Arts path.

The journey to the 1st DAN took 10 years for me. I took my time, as I wanted to really represent the image I had in my mind of a black belt when finally awarded the 1st DAN. Ok, there was also the reason of not liking the forms that I had to overcome with but that’s a subject for another (and lengthy) post. I always saw myself as a 1st DAN, and I don’t have any ambitions to test for a 2nd, let alone 3rd DAN. It’s been almost two years since I got my 1st DAN and like so many others before me, I might be considered a black belt dropout. To me, being considered a Martial Artist is much more than pursuing DANs. So when the opportunity rose to start developing a modern training tool for the people I consider my family, there was no hesitation to grab it. Being able to combine my profession as a digital designer / business developer and the love for Taekwondo makes me feel like a little kid in Willy Wonka’s factory (sans the murders).


3. Giving back to the community.

Hands down the biggest reason to endure years of R&D mayhem has always been the community. Having spent our fair share of time at the dojang training, talking to the athletes, coaches, kids and parents is rewarding to say the least. The passion and dedication and the smiles have carried us through some rough seas. There’s no way around it. This one’s for you and your sparring partner chasing the Olympic dream. This is also for you and your dad, kicking away in your garage and having a laugh together. This is for all the sons, daughters, moms and dads who’s goals may be different but share the same passion for Martial Arts.

So now when the moment is finally here, I feel privileged but terrified, proud but humble. I want to express my deepest gratitude to all who have been involved thus far. You are too many to mention by name but your work ethic, passion and level of professionalism never seizes to amaze me. Let’s start the next chapter in our story

– Jan-Eric Wargelin, CEO and founder