Stay at home, keep kicking

People have had to become creative, inventive and beginning to understand the benefit for the family involvement in their child’s success.

— Damon Sansum

What a crazy and surreal few weeks it has been. Hoping things get better soon but it seems like we have a few more weeks left before we are allowed back out into civilisation.

Firstly, we want to wish all our martial arts family the best of health during this tough time. Please follow the guidelines and STAY AT HOME!

During quarantine I have seen a huge influx of people continuing their martial arts training at home, partaking in online training sessions and using members of their household as training partners. This demonstrates the will and passion of champions in all styles and codes of combat. I myself have personally started to coach online and now have a Facebook group of 130 students. If you want to know more details, please message me on my Damon Sansum Athlete page.

So, how does being in quarantine impact our martial arts progression? In my opinion, people have had to become creative, inventive and understand how important and beneficial it is for parents to be involved in their child’s success. We have had an influx of parents purchasing our Kick.AI system to use with their children at home. Not only does this keep the child engaged in their training but provides accountability. Logging their training sessions through our Kick.AI app and competing against hundreds of other ‘kickers’ is a priceless tool during times like these; It keeps the student on track and focussed – ready for when we can all return back to the Dojo.

“The leaderboards really push students to better themselves. The students love survival mode as it is the most difficult and they really notice stamina improvement by doing it everyday.”

– Joanne Lawson, Quest Taekwondo

This unforeseen situation has given me the sight and drive to put my skills to good use. I have started to teach my 5 year old niece Taekwondo! I have wanted to take her to classes for a while now but the timings did not suit with my ‘on the go’ lifestyle. We have been training using the Kick Ai system in my living room. I have used the Kick.AI system with hundreds of adults and youngsters around the world but never with a complete beginner; It was a breath of fresh air – she absolutely loved it! I am sure you all can relate to children being engrossed by phones and iPads, so to combine her lesson with technology made it a memorable experience for both of us. The only downside is she is now coming into my room every morning asking whether she can use the ‘flashing light kick thing’ – at least I don’t need an alarm clock anymore!

At this unprecedented time we believe in the value our Kick.AI system will have to families across the globe and because of this we want to offer a huge 35% discount on all Kick.AI products to all of our customers. Please use the code: NEVERGIVEUP to activate the discount.