Remote Coaching Just Got A Level Up

Track your students' training sessions whether they kick away at home or Dojang with Club Pro Dashboard. Just log on to your laptop, invite your students and all their training data will be there for you and the coaching team to analyse. When training in Dojang, real time data and exciting training modes will keep everyone engaged like never before.

Coach Your Students Remotely With Kick.Ai Club Dashboard

Kick.Ai Club Dashboard compiles all your students’ training sessions into an easy to use web based dashboard. You’ll be able to follow every session from club to team and athlete level. Motivate and give feedback to your students with ease and keep them going no matter where they are. You’ll have access to rich training data and tools that really make a difference.

Club Pro For Class

With Kick.AI Club Pro app for class (iPad), you’ll be able to connect several units simultaneously and display real time training data on the Dojang/Dojo Screen (mirror via Apple TV or connect with cable). Club Pro for class has several different training modes such as Tabata Intensity test to keep the energy levels going off the roof.

Your students can log into the class session with their personal profile or they can log in as guests. After the session, all the training data will be saved to Club Dashboard and the personal profiles of the attendees.

Join Now And Start Getting Results From Motivated Students

For inquiries on how to be added to our club program (limited number of clubs on the 1st phase) we ask you to complete this form and we’ll contact you with details on how to join and what your place in the queue is. Club Pro is licence based.

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