Do I need to have Bluetooth on?

– Yes, sensors connect to your phone via Bluetooth. However the pairing is not done in phone settings. It is done in the app when you first connect the sensors.

How do I connect the sensors first time?

– Once you create a profile, the app takes you to a view where you see all the training simulations listed. Choose a simulation, and the app will try to connect to your sensors. At this point the sensor beacon should be on, so shake your sensors to wake them up. You’ll see a white light blinking when the beacon is active.

Can someone else use my sensors?

– Yes, but you will have to forget your sensors from the app sensor settings to allow them to connect to another app instance. The app does not support several user profiles, so each must have their own app and profile.

I am having connection issues with my Huawei phone

– is familiar with a problem with Huawei phones where devices do not want to pair with our app. We are actively investigating this issue and hope for a prompt solution.

Sensors are not registering my kicks?

– Sensors need a proper impact to register a kick, so first make sure you are using an Iran-style mitt, Bob, Bag, or other more solid kicking target. If the problem remains, check that the connection has not failed. If you still are having problems registering the kicks, please contact

Why are light kicking target kicks not registered?

– We need to exclude movement that are is kicks, that means the system needs acceleration and an impact to register kicks. We are developing a solution to register lighter impact for pads, and will release it shortly

Does it work with sparring?

– Yes, as long as a kick has a clear start and end point, the system registers kicks. However as there’s many things going on during sparring the system might register also ghost kicks. This is something that we are constantly improving with machine learning

How do I know the battery state of my sensors?

– In the app, go to Profile, and settings (top right corner icon). Choose “Sensor settings”. From there you can see the battery life and the firmware version.

How about club features?

– We are currently developing club and high level coaching features. For early access, please contact

What are the simulations?

– Simulations are designed to develop your qualities as a kicker, for example reaction time, stamina and speed. They are designed by us, who have decades of experience in Taekwondo. Think of them as a digital layer over a manual training

So what specifically is for example “Rounds” simulation all about?

– Rounds is designed to help you push yourself to the limit and beyond. You begin with setting round length and rest time as well as round numbers. You hear a signal from your phone that marks the beginning and ending of a round. On the rest period you see how you did and know what you need to do to beat the metrics on the next round.

How do I update firmware?

– The app will ask you to update when you connect to your sensors and there is a new update available. When you give permission, the process is automatic. During the update your sensors will disconnect, so you will have to reconnect. The update should not take more than a minute.

Why are the units metric, I need imperial?

– You can switch to imperial from settings. Go to profile and press top right icon to open the settings view.

Why does the app ask me to enable location services?

– On Android, some phones require for you to enable location services for Bluetooth connection purposes. We don’t use or store the data in any way, but you have to allow that to use Bluetooth connection.

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